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Adult Ballet and Tap Dance Classes



Come take dance classes in a fun and encouraging environment. Adult dance classes in Ballet, tap and jazz. Laura Ross is a professional dancer/actor/singer who loves to share her knowledge and experience to those with a strong curiosity of movement.  Classes are located at Dunbar and Mt. Pleasant Community Centres.

Laura is also a proud instructor at Richmond Academy of Dance.

 Adult Beginner Ballet

A basic introduction to ballet technique in a fun and encouraging environment. This class will improve your flexibility, strength, musicality, and grace through ballet barre exercises and centre work. All body types are welcome and no dance experience is necessary. Please wear comfortable, fitted clothing and ballet slippers, or other appropriate dance foot wear.

Adult Ballet Level 1

For ballet dancers with a minimum of 1 year of training, or prior instructor approval. Drop-ins welcome with *minimum* of 1 year ballet experience.


Fall Dance on Zoom

We've extended the Fall session!  We're having too much fun. 

New students are welcome to join at any time.

September 9th - November 25th 2020

Adult Beginner Ballet


Ballet classes from my home to yours!

Since we can't dance in the studio together, let's dance virtually, every Wednesday evening.

Each class will have approximately 40 minutes of ballet barre work
at your kitchen counter, or chair, or whatever you can find.

The rest of the class will be stretch and strengthening exercises.

Jazz Groove


Let's get groovy! 

A short warmup to get our blood moving, followed by some light conditioning and stretching.  Then on to new, fun choreography every week. This class is less about jazz technique and more about fun, groovy choreography.  We'll dance to Bruno Mars, Jersey Boys, and more.  This will be a beginner class.

How will it work?

Sign up for the Fall Dance Mailing List below.  Then every Monday starting September 7th you will receive an email with both of the classes zoom links.

I've already signed up for the summer mailing list, do I have to sign up again for the fall list as well?

How much does it cost?

Since everyone's financial situation is different and may be precarious at the moment, these classes are Pay-What-You-Can.  When you receive the email every Monday, there will be a link to my PayPal account or e-transfer instructions. 

What level will the class be?

The ballet class will be at a beginner level. More advanced dancers are welcome to join and will be offered further challenges in the exercises.  The jazz groove class is beginner.

Do I have to take both the ballet and jazz groove class?

Not at all.  You'll receive links to both classes in your Monday email, but it's up to you if you pay for/attend both.

Do I have to commit to every Wednesday?

Not at all.  You can show up as often as you like.  Regular attendance is recommended (especially if you are brand new to ballet or me) as consistency is very important to help you retain ballet vocabulary, start to build muscle, and increase flexibility. 

What do I need for class?

  • Space: At least enough for you to kick your legs to the front, side and back. Preferably not on carpet.  

  • For Ballet: A sturdy chair to hold on to as a ballet barre.  It should be at least hip height, or even better at elbow height (or somewhere in between).  Kitchen counters can also be great.

  • Comfortable clothes to move in.

  • Jazz shoes, Ballet slippers or old socks. (Test the socks out on your floor - they should give you some glide, but you shouldn't feel like you're on an ice rink.)

  • Your computer screen at a level you can see while standing for dancing and sitting for stretching.  (You may have to move your laptop/tablet for this.  I will give you time for the switch).

  • Optional:  A yoga mat for the stretching portion of the ballet class.  

Do I need to buy a Zoom membership?

No.  The link should take you directly to the class.  You may be asked to download the Zoom app, this is recommended and free.  

Can I have my video turned off during the class?

That is up to you.  I will mostly be dancing all the exercises with you, so I won't be able to watch everyone intently. However, I will be able to answer questions in between exercises.

  Fall Dance Zoom Mailing List

Thanks! You'll get an email on Monday, Sept 7th!


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